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Studio Within is a naturopathic medicine clinic in White Bear Lake, MN located within Synergy Family Physicians. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional, personalized care. Our approach aims to optimize health, prevent disease and address the root cause(s) of illness.  We take the time to consider the whole person interconnection (body, mind, spirit & community), including all aspects of lifestyle, genetics and environment and utilize a combination of natural therapies and conventional medicine. Whether you have been dealing with a chronic illness, have new symptoms, are worried about an illness that runs in your family or you just want to feel more vibrant, connect with us.  Dr. Darragh specializes in primary digestive concerns, thyroid disease, preconception health promotion and natural fertility support. We are excited you are taking steps to honor yourself and look forward to answering your questions, listening to your concerns and supporting you along the way.

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  • Primary Digestive Concerns

  • Thyroid Disease

  • Preconception Health Promotion

  • Natural Fertility Support

  • Standard & Specialty Lab Testing

  • Access to Quality Supplements with Professional Guidance

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